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Trial By Fire Conference

Congrès, colloques, réunions


17-18 mai 2019
- UCL Institute of Archaeology




Fire represents one of the most powerful forces in the archaeological record. It is harnessed to destroy or transform, or it can act as a force on its own, bringing disaster or a new ground on which to build.  What is left after a trial by fire can be used to understand not only the process of transformation, but can even be an indicator of material properties prior to exposure. Whether your interest lies in archaeomaterials, burned bone, pyrotechnology, or accidental burning, fire always leaves its mark and a wealth of information behind.


This conference aims to explore these events by bringing together ideas from across archaeological and anthropological sub-disciplines. Abstracts can cover a range of topics and case studies, however, the conference aims to answer the following questions:
- Can fire be considered an artefact?
- How have people engaged with fire over the course of history?
- What can the aesthetics of a thermally altered object tell us about the burning event?
- How has the study of fire evolved within the literature? How can fire be harnessed as an experimental tool moving forward?


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Registration closes 15 February 2019