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juillet 2019 - août 2019
Chełmno-Dobrzyń Lakeland (Pologne)




Mesolithic Communities of the Chełmno-Dobrzyń Lakeland

The objective of the project is a multi-aspect analysis of early Holocene community of hunter-gatherers from Chełmno-Dobrzyń Lake District, taking into account the study of their daily lives, mobility, relationships with the surrounding environment and other regions of Europe.

During excavations we plan to carry a multi-faceted experimental archaeology program focused at the interpretation of functions of two types of prehistoric osseous tools: subneolithic "seal scrapers" from Sventoji (Lithuania) and very interesting late Neolithic knives from Bruszczewo (Poland).

The volunteers will also be able to try themselves in flint knapping, working in amber, bone/antler and wood with the use of replicas of the prehistoric (stone and bone) tools , pottery burning and birch tar production with non ceramic or ceramic methods.

Volunteers participating in the study are guaranteed a free accommodation in the expedition base and (depending on the number of applicants) free catering.


Detailed information about the project can be found at the website

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