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9th World archaeological Congress (WAC-9)

Congrès, colloques, réunions


Le congrès est reporté en 2022, du 3 au 8 juillet




5 -10 juillet 2020

Prague (République tchèque)




1. Global Perspectives on Rock Art
2. Why Archaeology Needs Ethnoarchaeology
3. Contemporary Archaeologies
4. High-Spirited Gatherings or Lightening Sessions
5. Evaluating Archaeological Knowledge
6. Discrimination and Injustices
7. Community Approaches to Archaeology and Heritage Management
8. Transdisciplinary and Unbounded: Contemporary Approaches to Critical Heritage Studies
9. Trade in Art, Culture, and History: Heritage Tourism in the Twenty-First Century
10. Indigenous Views on Ancestors, Ancestral Sites, their Excavation and Disturbance
11. Archaeology as indigenous Advocacy
12. Fission or Fusion? Indigenous Engagement
13. Historical Archaeology: Global Alterities and Affinities
14. Maritime Histories: The Seas in Human History
15. Archaeologies of Identity
16. Landscapes, Forests, Groves, Rocks, Rivers, and Trees: Ontological Groundings and
17. The aDNA Revolution: Its Issues, Potentials, and Implications
18. A New Bioarchaeology: Telling the Difficult Stories
19. Climates of Change and Environmental Pasts
20. Water and Ancient Complex Societies
21. World Archaeologies: the past, the present and the future


Having confirmed this list of themes, the Local Organising Committee (LOC) is pleased to invite session submissions for the WAC-9 Prague 2020 Congress scheduled to take place at the Cubex Centrum from 5–10 July, 2020.


Each session, informed by the 21 themes identified by the Scientific Committee, must be proposed by at least two organisers from two different countries. Sessions should emphasise international participation and global perspectives. Session proposals should be composed of a title, an abstract of 300 words, and up to 5 keywords. Sessions can be organised in different formats, including workshops, debates, panels, and forums. A typical session lasts for 90 minutes, and comprises five 15-minute-long papers, with 5 minutes introduction and 10 minutes discussion at the end. [...]


The deadline for submitting session proposals for WAC-9 Prague, Czech Republic (5–10 July 2020) is Tuesday 15 October 2019 12:00 pm. (GMT+1).


Plus d'infos


Academic Secretariat
Jan Turek
E-mail: wac-9@guarant.cz


Important dates
- June 21, 2019 : Theme Abstracts announced. Call for sessions

- October 15, 2019 : Session submission deadline

- December 15, 2019 : Session abstracts announced & Call for paper/poster submissions

- January 1, 2020 : Registration starts

- March 21, 2020 : Deadline for submissions of individual papers and posters