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13th International Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies (CHAGS 13) "Living Well Together"

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28 juin 2021 - 2 juillet 2021


27 juin 2022 - 1er juillet 2022

Dublin - University College

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The 13th meeting of the international Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies (CHAGS13) will be held at University College Dublin, Ireland from June 27th to July 1st 2022. The overarching theme is inspired by Prof Nurit Bird-David's keynote at CHAGS12 (Penang 2018) and will be 'Living Well Together'.

CHAGS13 is an interdisciplinary conference celebrating hunter-gatherer societies and researchers.





Plus d'infos
For any queries please contact CHAGS13@ucd.ie
or the CHAGS13 convenor
Graeme Warren
UCD School of Archaeology

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