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2019 - Flexible start date
: Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History - Department of Archaeology


The ERC-funded FINDER project ("Fossil fingerprinting and identification of new Denisovan remains in Pleistocene Asia") is looking for one 1-year research technician in Archaeological Science. The successful candidate will focus on the identification of faunal assemblages and the discovery of new human fossils from South East Asia and adjacent regions, through the use of collagen mass fingerprinting (or ZooMS). She/he should have a background in prehistoric archaeology/ archaeological science/ zooarchaeology/ biochemistry, and a strong interest in the fields of human evolution.




- Bachelor degree or equivalent qualification in Archaeology, Archaeological Science, Biology, or a closely-related field.
- Willingness to undertake routine tasks, often at remote locations and unsupervised.
- Willingness to travel between Europe and Asia and spend considerable amount of time at each location working with different archaeological teams.
- Practical experience with laboratory techniques, or willingness to work at a laboratory environment.
- Fluency in English (speaking, reading and writing).
- Effective time management skills and ability to efficiently coordinate research and data analyses.
- Interest in prehistoric (especially Palaeolithic) archaeology and familiarity with latest developments in the field of human evolution.


- Fieldwork experience at Asian Palaeolithic sites.
- Familiarity with archaeological and archaeological science methodologies, such as zooarchaeology, stable isotopes, chronometric dating, or similar types of analyses.


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We will accept applications from interested candidates until September 15, 2019, or until the position is filled.

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