Formation en géochronologie du Quaternaire A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Soils as records of Past and Present: the geoarchaeological approach. Focus on: is there time for fieldwork today?

INQUA Congress 2023

Congrès, colloques, réunions


du 14 au 20 juillet 2023

Rome - Università di Roma La Sapienza




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The scientific programme will be defined in collaboration with INQUA commissions.

Among the different Quaternary issues, a focus will be placed on “a Mediterranean perspective”, which encompasses almost all of the fields of Quaternary Sciences.


Hereafter a list of proposed topics, to be expanded and detailed on over 100 scientific sessions, which will make up the programme of the XXI INQUA Congress.
1. From Natural Processes to Geohazards
2. Landforms, facies architecture and sequence stratigraphy
3. Homo and Quaternary environments
4. Ecosystems and biogeography from latest Pliocene to “Anthropocene”
5. Climate record, processes and models
6. The Quaternary time machine


INQUA Commissions
- CMP Coastal and marine processes
-  HABCOM Humans and Biosphere
- PALCOMM  Palaeoclimate
- SACCOM Stratigraphy and Chronology
- TERPRO Terrestrial Processes, Deposits and History



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