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Living through change: the archaeology of human-environment interactions - 40th Association for Environmental Archaeology Conference

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29th November - 1st December 2019
University of Sheffield



The 40th conference of the Association for Environmental Archaeology will provide an opportunity to reflect on the discipline’s past, and debate its future in the context of growing bodies of data, the integration of multiple proxies for change, new analytical techniques and fresh theoretical paradigms.


We welcome papers that explore environmental change from the human perspective through engagement with questions of change, adaptation, sustainability and human impact.


We welcome papers from across the breadth of the discipline, including – but not limited to:

    Human-induced changes to landscapes and environments at all scales
    Human response to anthropogenic and natural environmental change
    Sustainability and adaptability in changing environments
    Environment as a driver of economic and/or socio-political change
    The past as proxy and model for future human-environment interactions
    The Anthropocene and other conceptual paradigms
    The contribution of environmental archaeology to policy-making and public engagement


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