L'original et la copie : Une conférence EVA (Electronic information, the Visual Arts and beyond) A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Apports méthodologiques à la caractérisation des matières colorantes : application à l'abri orné de Leopard Cave (Erongo, Namibie) / Guilhem Mauran

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The IUPPS “History of Archaeology” commission's blog




In 1865 the first international organization for prehistoric archaeology was founded in La Spezia (Italy) as the Congrès international d’anthropologie et d’archéologie préhistorique (CIAAP). It was active until the First World War, when it was dissolved due to the rivalries between nations. A new organization was created in 1931, in Bern, to continue this international effort, the “International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences” (IUPPS).


Since then, it groups together all the sciences related to prehistoric and protohistoric studies: archaeology, anthropology, palaeontology, geology, zoology, botany, environmental sciences, physics, chemistry, geography, history, numismatics, epigraphy, mathematics and other.
Research into the mechanisms of adaption and the dynamics of human societies lies at the heart of the IUPPS’s scientific interest. The IUPPS therefore periodically organises a world congress of prehistoric and protohistoric sciences and creates scientific commissions devoted to specific research issues.

One of these commissions is devoted to the History of Archaeology. The aims of the Commission are:
- to document the history of pre- and protohistoric archaeology, from its first establishment up to the present;
- to encourage scientific research in the field, emphasizing transversal and international perspectives, and moving beyond specific traditions, factions, and overly presentist or hagiographic approaches.


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