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1-10 octobre 2020
Bangalore (India) - Indian Institute of Science


We regret to announce that in view of the widespread disruptions to travel and daily life caused by COVID-19, the ICMR2020 stands postponed to 2021. We shall announce fresh dates after consultations with the International Steering Committee.


The themes of the conference include: Evolution & Biogeography, Genetics (ancient and modern), Ecology (ancient and modern), Extinction (ancient), Conservation (modern), Archaeozoology, and Others.

Apart from the scientific conference of 3-4 days, we are also offering field visits prior to and after the main conference : field trips to see free-ranging Asian elephants in Bandipur National Park (Karnataka, India) and to explore the famous Neogene-Quaternary vertebrate fossil site of the Siwaliks (Punjab, India).


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