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LOST 2022 - A Stone Age Conference "Neolithisation – change and continuity"

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17-18 june 2022

Maribo (Denmark) - Museum Lolland-Falster




With presentations that illustrate neolithization from different angles, the LOST 2020 – A Stone Age Conference will examine neolithisation in the Western Baltic region and explore and contribute to networking between researchers working on Neolithic issues.


The conference will examine the concepts of changes and/or continuity taking place across the traditional datei given for the transition from a society based on hunting/gathering/fishing to a society based on farming and husbandry. It is our hope that we during this conference will be able to elucidate the neolithisation and the issues therein from several different angles and research fields. The common focus of the conference will be to highlight both what changed during the transition from a subsistence economy typical for hunter/gatherer communities to a subsistence economy based primarily on farming, and what continued unaffected by the transition.


In connection with the conference there will be the opportunity to see the museum’s new exhibition showcasing some of the many spectacular finds from the archaeological excavations.


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