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Grenoble - Patrimalp




Work environment

The work will take place in the Maverick team of the Jean Kuntzmann Laboratory (LJK)  and Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes. This team is composed of 6 researchers and 6 PhD students. The research focuses on rendering and creating virtual images.


Main tasks
The tasks to be carried out are:
- Data integration: we have multiple sources of information about the artefacts: laser scanner, photographs, photogrammetric data, historical knowledge. The first task is to merge together these different data, consistently. It will probably be necessary to complete missing data by extrapolating from known areas.
- Material aspect: the materials used are multi-layered: base coat of paint, second coat, metal layer, paint over the metal, varnish. Several layers contribute to the aspect of the object. It will be necessary to implement a material model taking into account these multiple layers in real-time rendering. Also, we have information about the current chemical composition and reflectance of the material. We will have to work out the original composition and aspect: if the metal is oxidised, replace it with the unoxidised version; if the varnish has opacified, change it for a more transparent version, etc.
- Visualization and rendering: given the geometry and the material, create an interactive photorealistic visualization of the artefact, with varying lighting conditions. The goal is to allow users to interact with the visualization, change the viewing conditions, environment, illumination to observe how the aspect of the artefact changes.


Eligibility criteria
PhD or engineering degree in Computer Graphics, with a specialization in photorealistic rendering and material models.


Skills required
- Computer graphics,
- Photorealistic rendering,
- Real-time rendering,
- Material models,
- Programmation,
- English.


Plus d'infos
Date limite de candidature : 20 mars 2020

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