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Un outil de saisie et d'analyse des données en archéozoologie



Making data entry and analysis easier, faster and more reliable for faunal specialists.

TIPZOO is a software solution for data recording and analysis of fossil bone collections, specifically designed for zooarchaeologists’ needs. It uses a FileMaker touchscreen interface combined with R scripts and QGIS files, and is freely available on this website. TIPZOO is intended to make data entry, analysis, and visualisation in Palaeolithic zooarchaeology easier, faster, and more reliable. It provides tools to effectively implement recently published complex coding systems and better control for undesirable intra- and inter-analyst variability, contributing therefore to greater reproducibility and reliability in data collection, and allows analysts to save time by automating several of the steps involved in data entry and analysis.


For a more detailed presentation :
Discamps E. (2020) - TIPZOO: a Touchscreen Interface for Palaeolithic Zooarchaeology. Making data entry and analysis easier, faster, and more reliable?, OSF Preprints.


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