Action nationale de formation « Gestion de projets sur les sources numériques en SHS » A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Journées nationales de l'archéologie 2020 #Archeorama

Congrès, colloques, réunions


Interactive part on September 24 and 25 (Thursday and Friday afternoon)




A successful virtual meeting will have to differ from our tried and tested ESHE format.

We therefore propose something radically different for us based on pre-recorded presentations shared with our members before the actual meeting and live discussions during the meeting.


We will accept pre-recorded videos of standard presentations limited this year to 10 minutes, Pecha Kucha presentations of 6:40 minutes, and posters with (optionally) a 5 minute video or audio presentation. We will host the posters on our web site and presenters will upload their videos themselves to YouTube (setting: “Unlisted”, so they are not visible to the public) or similar hosting service. We will use links to this material (sent to us no later than Sept. 13, 2020) to make the program. Presenters can decide for themselves what to do with their own video after the conference: leave it hidden just for ESHE members, delete it, or make it public (after 27 September). The video + voiceover recording can be done (preferably with a good microphone), e.g., from within Microsoft Powerpoint and Apple Keynote.



Important deadlines:
June 14, 2020 — Last day to submit an abstract for #ESHE 2020
First week of July — Notification of abstract acceptance
Sept. 13, 2020 — Last day to upload of online content (PDF of posters, video content to YouTube or similar)
Sept. 18, 2020 — ESHE members are invited to view online content
Sept. 24-25, 2020 — Live discussions


Plus d'infos

The new abstract submission deadline is by the end of the day, June 14, 2020