The Clay World of Çatalhöyük : a fine-grained perspective / Christopher Doherty (2020) Actualités Handbook of luminescence dating / Mark D. Bateman (2019)

Ranutovac, an Early Bronze Age Necropolis in southeastern Serbia / Aleksandar Bulatović (2020)


Bulatovic_2020 [Protohistoire]
Aleksandar Bulatović (2020) - Ranutovac, an Early Bronze Age Necropolis in southeastern Serbia, Oxford, BAR Publishing, 133 p. EAN 9781407356907, 50,00 €.

This volume presents the finds from an Early Bronze Age necropolis in the Južna Morava Basin in the heart of the Balkans holding exclusively incinerated deceased. A total of 21 deceased were registered in the same number of graves, distributed in three segments. The remains of the deceased, along with grave goods, were covered by a small circular stone construction (c. 1 m) and then with a bigger circular stone structure between 1.5 and 3 m. The grave goods comprised fragmented or completely preserved vessels of which ember containers were the most specific. Besides a traditional archaeological approach to the topic, such as studies of necropolis architecture, burial rites, grave goods, and absolute dates, the book contains two analytical reports which approach the topic from a multidisciplinary perpspective. The first one (Filipović, Filatova) analyses the remains of wood from the pyre and the second one (Gajić et al.) deals with the physical-chemical composition of pottery from the necropolis.

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