La Sicilia Preistorica e le sue Relazioni nel Mediterraneo = Prehistoric Sicily and its Mediterranean Connections Actualités HOMER 2021 : Archéologie des peuplements littoraux et des interactions Homme/Milieu en Atlantique nord équateur

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lundi 28 septembre 2020

Paris - Collège de France



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From Development to Deep Time: Reconstructing the Evolution of  Diversity with a Phenomic Approach
Anjali Goswami


The Genomic History of the Horse
Ludovic Orlando


Ancient genomes inform  on  early human history
Mattias Jakobsson


Deciphering the Neandertal to Homo sapiens transition  in Europe in the era of  molecular archaeology
Jean-Jacques Hublin


Ancient hominin  proteomes : a novel frontier in human evolution  research
Frido Welker


Isotopic perspectives on palaeodiets
Klervia Jaouen


A microbial perspective to the human past
Nicolas Rascovan


The evolution and ecology of  the hominid oral microbiome
Christina Warinner


Evolution of pathogens as revealed  through ancient microbial genomes
Kirsten Bos


Characterizing the spread of  SARS-CoV-2 in human populations
Sirnon Cauchemez


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