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Beauty and the eye of the beholder : Personal adornments across the millennia / Monica Mărgărit & Adina Boroneant (2020)


Margarit_&_Boroneant_2020 [Diachronique]
Monica Mărgărit & Adina Boroneant (2020) - Beauty and the eye of the beholder : Personal adornments across the millennia, Targoviste, Cetatea de Scaun, 445 p. EAN 9786065374614, 24,00 €.

Contents - Daniella E. Bar-Yosef Mayer / Shell beads of the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic: A review of the earliest records - Emanuela Cristiani, Andrea Zupancich, Barbara Cvitkušić / Combining microscopic analysis and GIS to analyse experimental perforations on Columbella rustica shells - Fotis Ifantidis / Self-adorned in Neolithic Greece: A biographical synopsis - Emma L. Baysal / Envisaging the Neolithic and Chalcolithic as a connected world: tracing ornament movement in Anatolia - Sanda Băcuet Crisan, Ancuta Bobînă / Beauty or social power? - Selena Vitezović, Dragana Antonović / Jewellery from osseous and lithic raw materials in the Vinča culture - Andreea Vornicu-Terna, Stanislav Terna / Signs of a new era: the anthropomorphic pendants and figurines made of osseous materials and the Chalcolitization of the North-Western Pontic region - Roberto Micheli / Items to display or to offer? Personal ornaments in Copper Age Northern Italy - Ekaterina Kashina, Aija Macāne / Wild boar tusk adornments and tools from the Neolithic hunter-gatherer sites in the Volga-Oka interfluve (Central Russia) - Petar Zidarov / White fangs of the south: canid tooth pendants in Thrace, Macedonia and Western Anatolia during the Early Bronze Age - Esteban Álvarez Fernández / Personal ornaments in Cantabrian Spain around 17.5 cal BP: Cualventi Rock-shelter (Alfoz de Lloredo, Cantabria) - Sera Yelözer, Rozalia Christidou / The foot of the hare, the tooth of the deer and the shell of the mollusc: Neolithic osseous ornaments from Aşıklı Höyük (Central Anatolia, Turkey) - Catherine Perlès, Patrick Pion / The Cerastoderma bead production at Franchthi (Greece): a case of apprenticeship? - Adina Boroneant, Pavel Mirea / Clay labrets of the Early Neolithic. A study case from Măgura Buduiasca (Romania) - Ioan Alexandru Bărbat, Monica Mărgărit, Marius Gheorghe Barbu / First farmers adornments from the Early Neolithic settlement at Tărtăria-Pietrosita (Alba County, Romania) - Christoforos Arampatzis / “Oh dear, how do I look?” Deer antler pendants from the Neolithic lakeside settlement Anarghiri IXb, Western Macedonia, Greece - Monica Mărgărit, Mihai Gligor, Valentin Radu, Alina Bintintan / About fragmentation, recycling and imitation in prehistory: adornments made of marine valves in the settlement of Alba IuliaLumea Nouă (Romania) - Gheorghe Lazarovici, Cornelia-Magda Lazarovici / A workshop specialized in gold jewellery from the Copper Age - Vasile Diaconu / A necklace for a lady. A Cucuteni anthropomorphic representation recently discovered in Neamt County (Romania) - Lars Larsson / Beads and pendants in a long-term perspective. Tooth beads and amber in the burials at Zvejnieki, Northern Latvia, through the millennia - Nataliia Mykhailova / Personal ornaments of the children in the Mariupol type cemeteries (Ukraine) - Zsuzsanna Tóth / Mixing and matching social value: personal adornments made from hard animal materials in the Late Neolithic burials of Kisköre-Gát (Hungary) - Monica Mărgărit, Cristian Virag, Alexandra Georgiana Diaconu / Were personal adornments just for women? The case of the Eneolithic necropolis from Urziceni-Vamă (Satu Mare County, Romania) - Vlad-Stefan Cărăbisi, Anca-Diana Popescu, Marta Petruneac, Marin Focşăneanu, Daniela Cristea-Stan, Florin Constantin / Early Iron Age fibulae from Balta Verde, Romania: typology, combination and manufacture - Dragoş Măndescu / Beauty ofthe beast. Animal skeletal parts as personal adornments in the Early Iron Age necropolis at Valea Stânii (Argeş County, Romania) - Lavinia Grumeza / The more colourful, the better! Polychrome glass beads of the 2nd-4 th century cemeteries in Banat (Romania).

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