Relations hommes - canidés de la Préhistoire aux périodes modernes / Myriam Boudadi-Maligne & Jean-Baptiste Mallye (2020) Actualités Monuments in the Making: Raising the Great Dolmens in Early Neolithic Northern Europe / Vicki Cummings & Colin Richards (2021)

Scientific Dating in Archaeology / Seren Griffiths (2021)


Griffiths_2021 [Études spécifiques]
Seren Griffiths (2021) - Scientific Dating in Archaeology, Oxford, Oxbow, 256 p. EAN 9781789255621, 33,00 €.

A variety of techniques have been developed to provide scientific chronologies of archaeological sites and material culture. These chronologies under-pin the narratives that are generated for prehistoric and other periods. The application of Bayesian statistical analysis to scientific chronologies has been hailed as ‘a revolution in understanding’, and has brought renewed emphasis onto how we generate scientific chronological data, how these data are applied into wider narratives, and the epistemological importance of these data. This volume will provide a timely review of the methods, applications and challenges of applying different scientific dating techniques to archaeological sites and material culture. It will then provide an introduction to Bayesian modelling, and highlight a series of considerations in the application of scientific dating techniques. .

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