Handbook for the Analysis of Micro-Particles in Archaeological Samples / Amanda G. Henry (2020) Actualités Making a Mark: Image and Process in Neolithic Britain and Ireland [Paperback] / Andrew Meirion Jones & Marta Díaz Guardamino (2019)

Fragmentation and Depositions in Pre and Proto-Historic Portugal / Antonio Carlos Valera (2019)


Valera_2019 [Libre accès / Néolithique / Protohistoire]
Antonio Carlos Valera (2019) - Fragmentation and Depositions in Pre and Proto-Historic Portugal : (Lisbon, 14 October 2017), Lisboa, Nucleo de Investigacao Arqueologica (NIA) - Era Arqueologia S.A., 139 p. EAN 9789899808232, 0,00 €.

Contents 1. Segmentation and depositional practices in Prehistoric South Portugal: between ontological stability and fluidity / A.C. Valera 2. Depositions, assemblages and relationships in Portuguese Late Prehistory. The case of the walled enclosure of Castanheiro do Vento / A. Vale 3. Segmenting and depositing: the manipulation of the human body in ditched enclosures seen from Perdigões / L.S. Evangelista, A.C. Valera 4. Till death us do part? Human segmentation in funerary practices in the Middle Neolithic cemetery cave of Bom Santo (Montejunto Mountain range, Portugal) / A.F. Carvalho, D. Gonçalves, F. Alves-Cardoso, R. Granja 5. Fragmentation and Architecture. Contributions to the debate on the “fill” of negative structures in Baixo Alentejo’s Late Prehistory – L. Baptista, S.A. Gomes 6. An end that perpetuates: a cairn from the end of the 3rd millennium BC at Perdigões / A.C. Basílio, N. Cabaço 7. Breaking metals and handling ideas about Bronze Age hoards from Western Iberia. Material patterns, invisible behaviors and possible interpretations / R. Vilaça, C. Bottaini

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