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Congrès, colloques, réunions - Appel à contributions / Call for papers


8-11 septembre 2021

202109_kiel_eaa_27_logoSession 496 & 377 - 27th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists : Widening Horizons


I: Widening analytical horizons
In this session, we take a holistic stance towards clay materials. Our aim is to draw upon the wealth of analytical concepts and techniques which exists within the various specialisms of ‘clay material studies’. We welcome papers on all possible clay materials, regardless of region or period, analytical or theoretical. We encourage prospective speakers to delve into the methodologies and concepts employed in their analyses, and to actively engage in discussions with researchers from other fields. Clay material studies is a rich and varied field of research, with ample opportunity for crossfertilisation and multi-disciplinary enrichment.

II: From fragments to societies
In this session, we want to reflect on the methodologies, questions, and research themes in contemporary ceramic analysis. How can ceramics contribute to questions about social transformations, mobility, entanglement, cultural dynamics, and identity? We invite archaeologists, ethno-archaeologists, anthropologists, and other scholars who work with clay materials from all regions and periods to partake in a multidisciplinary dialogue on social transformations and cultural dynamics through the lens of clay materials..


Session Organisers:
Arntz, Monique - University of Cambridge, Department of Archaeology (United Kingdom)
Delbey, Thomas - Cranfield University, Cranfield Forensic Institute (United Kingdom)
Delvoye, Adrien - University of Geneva, Department of Genetics and Evolution (Switzerland)
Debels, Pauline - University of Geneva, Department of Genetics and Evolution (Switzerland)
Jean, Mathilde - Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (France)
Kroon, Erik - Leiden University, Faculty of Archaeology (Netherlands)



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Call for oral and poster contributions is now open - deadline for submitting an abstract is 11 February 2021