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Congrès, colloques, réunions - Appel à contributions / Call for papers


8-11 septembre 2021

202109_kiel_eaa_27_logoSession 528 - 27th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists : Widening Horizons


Mountainous regions, sometimes considered remote and marginal areas, have always hosted a variety of human activities. Indeed, the importance of altitudinal gradients, climatic conditions and repartition of the ecosystem resources create different constraints and opportunities. This session aims to bridge an interdisciplinary community (ie archaeologists, historians, ethnographers, palaeoecologists and palaeoclimatologists) in order to discuss the diversity of Human-Environmental interactions and perceptions associated with mountain environments during prehistorical and historical periods.
ln particular, we will welcome highly interdisciplinary approaches, time-transgressive investigations, and comparisons of studies of different mountain areas that will look al:
cluster of excellence
• Perceptions and experiences amongst human groups (e.g. sedentary farmers, hunter- gatherers, mobile pastoralists, urban citizens);
• Mobility (e.g. vertical, horizontal, migrations, invasions);
• Cultural niche construction (impacts of human activities on landscapes and ecosystems);
• Socio-economic activities (e.g . agriculture, arboriculture, pastoralism, transhumance, mining, way of life, including ritual practices);
• Interaction with geomorphic and climate hazards (e.g. erosion, snow cover duration, drought, river flood).


Session Organisers:
Elodie Brisset
Andrea Ricci
Silvia Balatti
Morteza Djamali


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Call for oral and poster contributions is now open - deadline for submitting an abstract is 11 February 2021