ICAP 2021 : 14th International Conference of Archaeological Prospection A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Back to the Gravettian – Chronology and Regionalization

Call for 6 Post-Doctoral Researcher Positions (2.5 years) at Institut Català de Paleoecologia Humana i Evolució Social (IPHES)

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The successful candidates should commence their employment on April 2021.




Research topics (Strategic and scientific goals)


1.- Transversal multiscale microscope-based approaches
• Dental palaeoanthropology
• Dental microwear
• Multi-proxy analyses of use-wear and residues in lithic artefacts
• Geoarchaeologic characterization of lithic raw materials and archaeological soils
• Archaeobotany
• Taphonomy and zooarchaeology


2.- Tapping into sharper palaeoecological studies
• Pollen taphonomy and sedimentary charcoal analysis
• Quantitative Terrestrial Palaeoclimatology (Mutual Ecogeographic Range; Bioclimatic Analysis).
• Microwear, mesowear, skeletochronology, Cementochronology.
• Isotopic analyses on plant, macro and micromammals (δ18O, δ13C and δ15N)
• European neandertalization process and its palaeoecological context


3.- Subsistence strategies from an evolutionary point of view
• Bone, diet, cooperation and meat-sharing
• Vegetables and other underground storage organs in subsistence
• Use of AI to study archaeological sites features and assemblages formed by different agents and processes
• Geometric morphometric in identifying taphonomic signals
• Implementation of spatial taphonomy
• Implementation of statistical taphonomy and machine learning for formation processes inference.


4.- Widening insights from technology
• Stone tools, Palaeolithic landscapes and human dispersals
• Stone tools and organic tools (bone, antler, wood) as cultural and adaptive markers
• Behaviour through spatial analysis on human occupations
• Raw materials: sources, management and differential uses
• Modelling demographic growth (quantification of items/archaeol. sites/period.


5. Shifting visions on early cognition
• Cognition and social learning to knap stone tools. Identifying accidents, skills, and prehistoric individuals as a proxy to know social organization.
• Characterizing technological evolution through gestures in knapping.
• Groups’ identity and territories.
• Consciousness of life and death
• Archaeology of symbolism (prehistoric art)


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Deadline: 29/01/2021




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