DIG 2021 : 9th Developing International Geoarchaeology Conference Actualités Quantitative Methods for Assessing long-term Impacts of Peatland and Wetland Restoration on the Historic Environment: Data-Collection, Mitigation, and Policy

ICAP 2021 : 14th International Conference of Archaeological Prospection

Congrès, colloques, réunions - Appel à contributions / Call for papers


8-11 septembre 2021

Lyon / Online




The conference aims to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of latest developments and cutting‐edge research in the field of archaeological prospection. It shall cover the entire spectrum of methodology and technology applied to the detection, localization and investigation of buried cultural heritage (aerial photography, airborne laser scanning, hyperspectral imaging, near-surface geophysics, data processing, visualization and archaeological interpretation).


Five sessions will be held:

    Case studies and archaeological feedback
    Methods and innovations
    Environmental studies and landscape evolution
    Processing and visualisation of data
    Special session: Spatial analysis and aerial remote sensing


The special session will be devoted to experimental, innovative or original approaches of spatial analysis and modeling in archeology or geo-archeology, in the diversity of scales, data or methods used. The objective is the dissemination of these approaches, their potential reuse or their adaptation to different topics or contexts.


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Submission deadline: 12th March 2021 9th april 2021
Registration deadline: 1st July 2021