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A special issue of the Journal of Maps

2102102_journal_of_maps The intention of this special issue is to help enable the expansion of data visualisation and availability that result from the GIS-based analysis of paleoenvironments and landscapes with their impact on (early) human behaviour at various temporal and spatial scales. This focus upon cartographic outputs results from a realisation that maps are often simplified in peer-reviewed publications, yet they can provide a very powerful statement and synthesis of these results. The principal aim of this special issue is therefore to produce a set of exemplary spatial data visualizations that integrate mapping from the variable field of sciences in the study of past human-environment (e.g. geography, geoscience, archaeology, climatology).

All papers are expected to consist of a map or series of maps (loosely and broadly defined to include various forms of spatial representation) accompanied by brief explanatory text. Papers should be bespoke, and the mapping of good quality. All papers in this special issue will be peer reviewed. To submit a paper, authors should do the following:


Submit a short draft (500 word limit) outlining the key themes and scope of the paper, where possible including example mapping, by 31st March 2021.


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The special issue editorial team are happy to discuss ideas for papers and their suitability with potential contributors prior to the short draft submission stage.

Please e-mail Felix Henselowsky (, or Christian Willmes ( in the first instance.

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