Professor Challenger and his Lost Neolithic World: The Compelling Story of Alexander Thom and British Archaeoastronomy / Euan W. MacKie† (2021) Actualités Cingle del Mas Nou: 7000 BP. Un campamento temporal del Mesolítico reciente, inmerso en los procesos de neolitización, con inhumación colectiva. (Parque rupestre de Gassulla, Ares del Maestre, Alto Maestrazgo, Castellón, España) / Carmen Rosa Olaria Puyoles (2020)

Neanderthal Language : Demystifying the Linguistic Powers of our Extinct Cousins / Rudof Botha (2020)


Botha_2020 [Paléolithique et Mésolithique / Anthropologie]
Rudof Botha (2020) - Neanderthal Language : Demystifying the Linguistic Powers of our Extinct Cousins, Cambridge, Cambridge university press, 210 p. EAN 9781108491327 / Online ISBN: 9781108868167, 98,00 €.

Did Neanderthals have language, and if so, what was it like? Scientists agree overall that the behaviour and cognition of Neanderthals resemble that of early modern humans in important ways. However, the existence and nature of Neanderthal language remains a controversial topic. The first in-depth treatment of this intriguing subject, this book comes to the unique conclusion that, collective hunting is a better window on Neanderthal language than other behaviours. It argues that Neanderthal hunters employed linguistic signs akin to those of modern language, but lacked complex grammar. Rudolf Botha unpacks and appraises important inferences drawn by researchers working in relevant branches of archaeology and other prehistorical fields, and uses a large range of multidisciplinary literature to bolster his arguments. An important contribution to this lively field, this book will become a landmark book for students and scholars alike, in essence, illuminating Neanderthals' linguistic powers.

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