The Mesolithic, transitional and Neolithic periods throughout Europe and adjoining regions Actualités Un contrat doctoral et un contrat post-doctoral dans le cadre du Projet ERC Synergy Grant "QUANTA"

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2 ans à partir de septembre 2021

University of Gothenburg (Göteborg) - Department of Historical Studies


logo_u_gothenburgThis position is funded by a recent EU Synergy grant awarded to Gothenburg, UCL and Copenhagen Universities. The person appointed will be a member of an international team developing interdisciplinary approaches to achieve the project’s aims. The post is a full-time position available for two years in the first instance, starting on 1st May 2021 or as soon as possible thereafter.


From correlations to explanations: towards a new European prehistory (COREX)


Synergy projects represent the top level of European Research Council funding, with a budget of €10 million over six years. In the project “From correlations to explanations: towards a new European prehistory (COREX)” geneticists and archaeologists from University College London (led by Mark Thomas and Stephen Shennan) join forces with archaeologists from Gothenburg (led by Kristian Kristiansen and Karl Göran Sjögren), and geneticists from Copenhagen (led by Kurt Kjær, Eske Willerslev and Fernando Racimo). The project will combine prehistoric human genomic, archaeological, environmental, stable isotope and climate data to better understand the processes that shaped our biological and cultural past from the time of the first farmers to the Iron Age( between 6000 to 500 BC).


- PhD in archaeology or archaeozoology with a focus on the European Neolithic or Bronze Age
- Experience of working with quantitative archaeological data
- Basic IT skills, particularly database management
- Knowledge of European languages other than English and Swedish is desirable


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Closing date: 1st april 2021




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