Excavación en el yacimiento de la Roca dels Bous 2021 Actualités Le Moustier (abri inférieur) - Paléolithique moyen


du 10 juillet 2021 au 25 août 2021
Sultana (Roumanie) [à 100 km au sud-est de Bucarest]






Pratique de l’anglais nécessaire.
Accommodation  (free of charge) :
- Indoor : a single bed in a shared room
- Outdoor : in tents.
Facilities : toilets and shower with hot water, for refreshment after a long hot day in the field!
Due to the hot weather conditions, the schedule is divided in two sections :
- From 6.00 to 11.00
- From 17.00 to 20.00
We will provide transport from the airport (Bucarest) to the site, and back (free of charge).
Students will have to participate financially for daily food : we have a cook in the village that cooks for the whole team. We put all the money, hoose the menu, buy the ingredients, and the cook cooks for us!


Contexte archéologique / Archaeological background


Plus d'infos

Catalin Lazar

or sultana.archaeology@gmail.com
ArchaeoSciences - University of Bucharest

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