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Prehistoric Society Europa Conference 2021 : People and Society in Late Prehistoric Europe

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18-19 juin 2021

Virtual conference - Universty of Leicester


A conference celebrating the achievements of Prof Colin Haselgrove, University of Leicester, in the field of European prehistory



- The Iron Age hoards from Snettisham in context

- Ethnogenesis in Late Iron Age Britain: The case of the Silures

- The origins of British oppida: Understanding transformation in Iron Age practice & society

- Facial recognition in Early Celtic Art: Perspectives from neuro-atypical experiences

- From meanings to effects: A multi-scalar approach to anthropomorphic imagery in Middle–Late Iron Age Europe and beyond

- Aspects of design in Iron Age and early Roman Europe

- Who were the potters of prehistory? Analysing fingerprints and finger impressions to uncover the identities of Bronze and Iron Age potters

- Home Birds or Social Butterflies? Debating the Iron Age by dating the Iron Age

- Home Birds or Social Butterflies? Iron Age mobility from a scientific perspective

- Investigating Iron Age cloth through experimental archaeology

- Beyond ethnicity: Re-interpreting the Chiavari cemetery

- Belgic, British or a bit of both: Investigating the links between the Aylesford-Swarling culture and contemporary cremation burials from northern France

- How we die: violent death, display and deposition in Iron Age Britain

- Early La Tène elite burials in the Lower Rhine/Meuse region. Material culture, connectivity and social change

- ‘I went out for a ride and I never went back’: Mobility in the British Iron Age

- Iron Age demographics: Community, mobility and scale

- Motherhood and mothering in later European prehistory

- Our friends in the north: Stanwick, Traprain Law, and the encroaching Roman world

- Bibracte (Burgundy, France), witness of a world in transition


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