International Conference : Humans and Animals: Paradoxes of Mutual Relationships A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire PhD position in functional analysis of stone tools with a particular emphasis on residue analysis and experimental archaeology



du 15 juillet 2021 au 5 août 2021
Paspardo (Lombardie)





The Valcamonica Rock Art Field School is a great opportunity to participate in the archaeological research in Valcamonica. This alpine valley boasts one of the most important rock art traditions

in the world and the first Italian site incorporated onto the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Learn the skills of preparing surveys, photographs, tracings, 3D models, drawings and catalogues while contributing to the research.


Il campo è aperto a studenti universitari, studiosi ed appassionati e prevede la partecipazione minima ad una settimana di attività.


E’ previsto il rilascio di un attestato di frequenza, valido per ottenere crediti formativi.


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Please contact: prof. Angelo E. Fossati


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