De la chair, des os, des idées : le cadavre, de la biologie à l'anthropologie Actualités Périphéries : 146ème Congrès des Sociétés Historiques et Scientifiques

Hidden Beneath the Surface: Archaeological Areas of Europe

Congrès, colloques, réunions


11-12 novembre 2021
Prague Castle




Archaeological areas bearing important archaeological information are an integral and natural part of historical city centres.


These areas feature all components of the development of cultural identity. The beginning is marked by the decision to preserve an important find for future generations and the choice which part of the monument will be preferred and restored and conserved. Technical and architectural projects are suggested, with which foremost architects and engineers are being entrusted. The third and by far not last decision concerns the relation between the authenticity of the preserved substance and its long-term sustainability. Apart from archaeology, history and the history of architecture, a broad range of disciplines is usually involved: from (hydro)geology, microclimatology to technical and conservation sciences, and high standards are applied to their interdisciplinary collaboration.

We have decided to organize a conference on this subject in the course of an interdisciplinary project of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, which – depending on the COVID situation – will either be held online or live.


Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences - Prague

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Deadline for abstracts
30 juin 2021