Postdoctoral position in technological and functional analysis of prehistoric engraved stones Actualités Primordi. La raccolta del Paleolitico francese del Museo Civico di Modena

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Comprendre les racines du monde néandertalien




NEANDROOTS, an ANR project, is a highly innovative multidisciplinary and methodological approach centered on the enigmatic period of MIS 11 described as a threshold for human evolution in Western Europe.


The project aims to shed new light on the behavioral changes which appeared after the long MIS 12 glacial event by:


(1) building an extensive database,
(2) bridging the gap in chronological and environmental data,
(3) identifying cultural regional identities,
(4) testing the role of demography, and
(5) developing methodological ABM to estimate the particular impact of the climate and vegetation.


The project will contribute to describing


(1) models of hominid responses to diverse (and new) environments,
(2) understanding the mechanisms of cultural transmission over time and the processes by which innovations or inventions spread, and were maintained.


We aim to contribute to understanding the earliest cyclic process of regionalization during Prehistoric times.


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