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Investigating domestic craft and subsistence activities through experiments and material analysis




In the years 2021-2025, Leiden University will be coordinating “Putting Life in Neolithic Houses”.

EXARC is one of the partners. The other partners are: BIAX Consult Biological Archaeology & Environmental Reconstruction, Stichting LAB (Leids Archeospecialistisch Bureau), Woud en Beek, York University, Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed, Masamuda, Studio Kelvin Wilson, Het Stenen Tijdperk, and TGVideo. This project is funded by the Dutch Research Council NWO.


Many reconstructions in archaeological open-air museums look quite similar. However, providing more detailed stories in displays, text, and images, is essential. We will therefore involve two illustrators to translate the scientific findings into evocative images. The juxtaposition of two different reconstructions of the same data will be published with EXARC asking for comments, suggestions, and critique. These will subsequently be incorporated in new experiments and a new look at our scientific observations. It is this constant dialogue between scientific analysis, experimentation, evocative images, and the public, that forms the innovative core of this project and that will hopefully push the limits of our imagination.


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