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ICAZ 14th Worked Bone Research Group conference

Congrès, colloques, réunions


30 August 2021 - 3 September 2021
Online - University of Johannesburg




This is the first time the conference will be hosted by an African institution, the first time by an institution in the Southern Hemisphere, and the first time that it will be online. We hope that you will join us in making this a memorable event.


The purpose of the WBRG is to improve communication between individuals studying worked animal hard tissues (especially bone, antler, and ivory) with special emphasis on archaeological finds. A broad diachronic, and multi-disciplinary approach is emphasized in order to promote the exchange of ideas concerning attitudes to and procurement of raw materials, technology, and cognitive aspects of bone working.


Because the conference is now being hosted online we are able to open it up to all who are interested. If you would ike to attend one or more sessions and are not presenting a paper please complete the registration form by copying and pasting this link into your internet browser and following the instructions - A link to join the session/s will be sent to you closer to the time.  


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