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CAA 2023 : Computer Applications & Quantitative Methods in Archaeology: 50 years of synergy

Congrès, colloques, réunions


3-6 avril 2023



Conference programme


The conference programme will include special sessions dedicated to the History of CAA, Professional Conduct, and to current themes in Dutch and Flemish archaeology such as Conflict Archaeology and the Archaeology of Archaeology.
We also want to facilitate alternative formats to make the conference as inclusive as possible, and to make sure that informal exchange at CAA doesn’t just happen after hours in watering holes. Special attention will be paid to making the posters and general sessions as attractive as possible.
For the social events, we have good hopes of getting a 50 Years of CAA band together – if you’re interested in playing at CAA2023, drop us a line!


We expect to open the call for sessions in June 2022, call for papers in October 2022 and registration in January 2023. Watch this space for news!


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Email: caa2023@caaconference.org
Twitter: twitter.com/caa2023
Facebook: facebook.com/caa2023
Instagram: instagram.com/caa2023ams