Mammoths and Neanderthals in the Thames Valley / Katharine Scott & Christine M. Buckingham (2021) Actualités Agent-Based Modeling for Archaeology: Simulating the Complexity of Societies / Iza Romanowska, Colin D. Wren & Stefani A. Crabtree (2021)

Revolutions: the neolithisation of the Mediterranean basin / Joanne M. Rowland, Giulio Lucarini & Geoffrey John Tassie (2021)
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Joanne M. Rowland, Giulio Lucarini & Geoffrey John Tassie (2021) - Revolutions: the neolithisation of the Mediterranean basin: the transition to food producing economies in North Africa, Southern Europe and the Levant, Berlin, Topoi, 293 p. EAN 9783981968569, 0,00 €.

The neolithisation of the mediterranean basin involved a change from a procurement to a productive economy. Although the domestication of most of the plants and animals associated with the Old World Neolithic occurred in the Levantine Fertile Crescent, the Second Neolithic Revolution that resulted in elements of the Neolithic such as domesticates and objects occurring in North Africa and throughout Europe, is arguably just as important a process. Archaeological attention has been focused primarily on the initial domestication process, and only latterly on the spread of food producing economies. In recent years, research into the Neolithisation of both Europe and North Africa has been increasing, notably so into the process by which varied communities adopted new food producing strategies. The implementation of new technology, methods, and theories have contributed to refinements in the timing of change in economies, analysis of the types of food eaten, and the reasons behind these transformations. Contents - Revolutions. An Introduction / Joanne M. Rowland, Geoffrey J. Tassie & Giulio Lucarini. - Rethinking the North African Neolithic – The Multifaceted Aspects of a Long-Lasting Revolution / Barbara E. Barich. - Last Post-Glacial Global Warming and Agricultural Origins in the Near East – A Transformability Theory / Fekri A. Hassan. - Early Livestock in Egypt: Archaeozoological Evidence / Veerle Linseele. - A Disregarded Nobility: The Role and Exploitation of Wild Plants in North Africa during the Holocene, Analyzed through an Integrated Functional Analysis on Non-Knapped Stone Tools / Giulio Lucarini & Anita Radini. - Caught in the Current: Maritime Connectivity, Insularity, and the Spread of the Neolithic / Helen Dawson. - By Sail and by Land: Comparing the Inland and Maritime Streams of Neolithisation across the Western Balkans / Marc Vander Linden, Jane Gaastra, Anne Vareilles (de) & Fabio Silva. - The Iberomaurusian Prelude to Farming in Morocco / R. Nicholas E. Barton, Martin G. Bell, Abdeljalil Bouzouggar, Isabelle De Groote, Joshua T. Hogue, Louise T. Humphrey, Jacob Morales Mateos, Victoria K. Taylor & Elaine Turner. - The Neolithisation Process in Nubia: New and Old Data / Maria Carmela Gatto. - Revolution(s) in Egypt. Over a Century of Research on the Egyptian Neolithic / Agnieszka Maczynska. - New Perspectives and Methods Applied to the ‘Known’ Settlement of Merimde Beni Salama, Western Nile Delta / Joanne M. Rowland. - Revolutions of the Middle Nile – the Dynamics of a Holocene Riverscape / Annett Dittrich. - From Complex Hunter-Gatherers in the Eastern Sahara to the Early Nile Neolithic / Karin Kindermann & Heiko Riemer. - The Herding Revolution in the Desert: Adoption, Adaptation, and Social Evolution in the Negev and Levantine Deserts / Steven A. Rosen. - The Development of Cereal Cultivation and the Evolution of Lithic Technology in Egypt in the Middle Holocene / Noriyuki Shirai. - A Multiple-Scale Approach to the Neolithisation of Lower Egypt / Geoffrey J. Tassie.

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