Procurement, Trade, Use And Value of Minerals in Ancient Africa A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Séminaire “Préhistoires et Archéologies des Amériques”

3rd Palaeontological Virtual Congress

Congrès, colloques, réunions


1st-15th december 2021




The 3rd Palaeontological Virtual Congress combines the benefits of traditional meetings (i.e., providing a forum for discussion, including guest lectures, and the production of an abstract book, among other features) with the advantages of online platforms, which allow a wider reach around the world. We would love to have you here sharing your research, engaging in exciting discussions, and enjoying other peers’ works.


Proposed thematic sessions
- Virtual Palaeontology / G.S. Ferreira, J. Hartung & P. Kampouridis.
- Palaeontological Heritage in the 21st Century / P. Cruzado Caballero, C. Castillo Ruiz & R. Guerrero Arenas.
- Conservation Paleobiology – Bridging Past and Future / P. Abondio, D. Dimitrijević & N. Hohmann.
- The Multiple Perceptions of Fossils / F. Aguilar Arellano, J. & R. Guerrero Arenas.
- Palynology, Palaeoenvironment and Palaeoclimate / A. Bertini, N. Combourieu-Nebout & G. Niccolini.
- New Advances on Stratigraphy and Paleontology in Taiwan / Lin JihPai, Lin ChienHsiang & Chu WeiChia.
- Molecular Palaeontology / A. García Vázquez & A. Grandal d’Anglade.
- Co-evolution of life and environment during the key geological transitions / Lu Jing, Yin Zongjun & Feng Zhuo.



- Virtual field trips proposals:
October 31st, 2021
- Abstracts submission:
October 8th, 2021
- Regular registration:  
No limit


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