Experiencing archaeology: a manual of classroom activities, demonstrations, and minilabs for introductory archaeology : Instructor edition / Lara Homsey-Messer, Tracy Michaud, Angela Lockard Reed & Victoria Bobo (2020) Actualités Changing Systems: Pre-Pottery Neolithic B Settlement Patterns in the Lower Galilee, Israel / Michal Birkenfeld (2018)

Between History and Archaeology: Papers in honour of Jacek Lech / Dagmara H. Werra & Marzena Woźny (2018)


Werra_&_Wozny_2018 [Histoire de l'archéologie]
Dagmara H. Werra & Marzena Woźny (2018) - Between History and Archaeology: Papers in honour of Jacek Lech , Oxford, Archaeopress, 516 p. EAN 9781784917739, 94,00 € / 19,00 €.

Between History and Archaeology: Papers in honour of Jacek Lech is a collection of forty-six papers in honour of Professor Jacek Lech, compiled in recognition of his research and academic career as well as his inquiry into the study of prehistoric flint mining, Neolithic flint tools (and beyond), and the history of archaeology. The papers explore topics on archaeology and history, and are organised into three sections. The first contains texts on flint mining dealing with well-known mining sites as well as previously unpublished new material. The reader will find here a wide spectrum of approaches to flint mining, ways of identifying raw materials used by prehistoric communities, and an impressive overview of the history of research, methodology and approaches to flint mining in Europe, North America and Asia. The following group of papers deals with the use of flint by Neolithic and younger communities, including typological studies on trace evidence analyses as well as theoretical papers on prehistoric periods in Europe and the New World. The final section consists of papers on the history of archaeology in the 19th and 20th centuries. Some deal with the beginnings of archaeology as a scholarly discipline, while others present significant research from different countries. Readers will also find papers on the development of archaeology in the second half of the 20th century, both in political and institutional contexts. The book ends with the memories, which bring the Jubilarian closer to the reader by viewing him through the eyes of his co-workers and friends. .

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