Gender stereotypes in archaeology: A short reflection in image and text / Laura Coltofean-Arizancu, Bisserka Gaydarska & Uroš Matić (2021) Actualités L'archéologie à l'atelier / Clotilde Proust (2020)

Rock Art Studies: News of the World VI / Paul G. Bahn, Natalie Franklin & Matthias Strecker (2021)


Bahn_et_al_2021 [Études spécifiques]
Paul G. Bahn, Natalie Franklin & Matthias Strecker (2021) - Rock Art Studies: News of the World VI, Oxford, Archaeopress, 370 p. EAN 9781789699623 / Epublication ISBN 9781789699630, 64,00 € / 19,00 €.

Rock Art Studies: News of the World VI, like the previous editions in the series, covers rock art research and management all over the world over a five-year period, in this case, the years 2015 to 2019 inclusive. The current volume once again shows the wide variety of approaches that have been taken in different parts of the world and reflects the expansion and diversification of perspectives and research questions. One constant has been the impact of new techniques of recording rock art. This is especially evident in the realm of computer enhancement of the frequently faded and weathered rock imagery. As has been the case in past volumes, this collection of papers includes all of the latest discoveries, including in areas hitherto not known to contain rock art. While relatively little has happened in some areas, a great deal has occurred in others. Rock art studies continue to go through a period of intense scientific and technological development, but at the same time – due to the problems of preservation and vandalism – it is crucial to educate local people and the young about the importance of this fragile heritage.

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