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Training course on the petrology of silicites

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7th-12th February 2022
Cologne University


The training course will focus on introducing and updating knowledge on the characterisation of silicites (flint, chert, silcrete, jasperoids) used to make tools by prehistoric communities. Integrated into action III of the GDR «Silex» (directed by C. Bressy- Leandri, French ministry of culture and communication), its objective is to promote the conceptual advances and the most recently developed characterisation methods, to explain them, and to encourage their dissemination with a view to harmonising, networking and pooling siliceous geomaterial references on a European scale. Recent methodological advances, taking into account the concept of the ‘evolutionary chain’ make it possible to overcome many dead ends in terms of characterising the origins of rocks. This will be applied to the Upper Cretaceous flints of the Benelux (silicites from the Mons Basin, the Hesbaye and Limburg), in order to reinforce the skills of petroarchaeologists and archaeologists and enabling them to develop more reliable models. reinforcing the skills of petroarchaeologists and archaeologists and enabling them to develop more reliable models. These models, which concern individual or collective behaviour, territoriality and mobility systems, or transfers and exchanges during prehistory, are at the heart of the research of many laboratories.


The proposed Scientific Event will be open to all young researchers from Master to postdoctoral fellows and current researchers. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the UFA for 12 participants. Therefore, potential participants are asked to send a short letter of motivation.


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