Les périphéries en Préhistoire et Protohistoire : concept et enjeux A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire La bonne échelle. Corrélation entre données et résultats. = The right scale. Correlation between data and results

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Schleswig - Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology (ZBSA)

Two years : 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2023





About the position
The core activity of the postdoctoral research associate will focus on his/her own research and high profile scientific communication of results within the framework of various research projects of the ZBSA on Late Glacial archaeology. A main task is to develop innovative, interdisciplinary and excellent research approaches for the investigation of the Upper and Late Palaeolithic occupation history of Northern Europe and to put them into practice This includes the development of origina l research projects in connection with the research priorities of the ZBSA and their independent implementation as well as the acquisition of necessary third party funding. Furthermore, active participation in the ongoing projects: Pioneers of the North: Transitions and Transformations in Northern Europe evidenced by High-Resolution Datasets (c. 15000–9500 BCE) (SFB 1266-B1) and Late Glacial and Earliest Postglacial Database Project  as well as participation in project development pertaining to the Excavation Ahrensburger Tunneltal is expected.


Our expectations
Eligible candidates must hold an above average doctoral degree (PhD) in a discipline relevant to the field of research (prehistoric archaeology with a focus on Stone Age cultural history.


General requirements for qualification include:
• Excellent knowledge of the Upper and Late Palaeolithic cultural history of Central and Northern Europe, as demonstrated by research publications in German and English
• High international competence and accordingly very good language skills (English)
• Experience working/collaborating in large, interdisciplinary research projects
• Ability to work independently, reliably and scientifically responsibly
• Ability to collaborate, paired with a high degree of flexibility and commitment
• Willingness to participate in and contribute to the various activities of the ZBSA.


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Please submit your application as a single pdf no later than November 1st 2021 to:
Ms Sirka Feddersen
E-mail: Bewerbung@landesmuseen.sh

Via Dr. Sonja B. Grimm


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