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Ancient DNA and the Neolithic

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Monday 1 November 2021
Online Virtual Zoom Meeting




Neolithic Studies Group Autumn Meeting 2021


The aDNA revolution offers a series of key insights not available by other means into central questions of descent, relationships and identity, at many scales and of many different kinds.

Descent, relationships and identity are complex issues and there is much to discuss, which has been our prime motive in setting up this NSG day. The ability to track the genetic signatures of populations across Europe and into Britain and Ireland, our geographical foci today, now sits alongside traditional and other archaeological methodologies based on material culture and practice. We note major trends and contrasts in the interpretation of results for the start and end of the Neolithic. How are we best to integrate these differing sources of information? What further questions should we be asking, in the effort to construct nuanced and complex narratives of change, at varying scales? How can the aDNA evidence help us to do better archaeology?


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Organisers: Alasdair Whittle, Josh Pollard, Seren Griffiths, and Susan Greaney

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