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The So Pots of Central Africa: Memories of the past / Graham Connah (2019)


Connah_2019 [Afrique]
Graham Connah (2019) - The So Pots of Central Africa: Memories of the past, Oxford, BAR Publishing, 97 p. EAN 9781407316888, 29,00 €.

This book is an original study of very large pots in parts of Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria. Found in excavations and surface fieldwork, they have been attributed to the So, a group of pre-Islamic inhabitants of the area before the sixteenth century AD, who have become mythologised as giants. Originally for burial, in some cases the pots have been dug up by villagers and reused: for brewing beer or as dye pits for indigo cloth. The book focuses on a group of these pots that survived until the late twentieth century in villages in a small part of Borno, north-eastern Nigeria. With the passage of time and terrorist activities in the region, their fate is now unknown and the photographs from 1963 to 1993 reproduced in this book have become a major archive of an unusual pottery group. .

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