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19th Conference of the International Workgroup for Palaeoethnobotany

Congrès, colloques, réunions - Appel à contributions / Call for papers


13-17 juin 2022
České Budějovice (Tchéquie)




logo_iwgp_2022IWGP in České Budějovice will offer the results of archaeobotanical research on a global scale at a time that is characterized in our field as a time of integration of many special methods and collaborating disciplines. You are very welcome at this conference and in our university city. We firmly hope that we will continue the rich tradition of our field and that we will meet in good health on scientific topics and in a friendly atmosphere.


The scope of archaeobotanical research today is far broader, both geographically and methodologically, than it was at the beginnings of this scientific discipline. Current research builds on a strong foundation laid by decades of previous research, and rich connections with specialists across archaeology, evolutionary ecology, and paleoecology.


The 19th IWGP conference will be hosted in České Budějovice, and it will follow in a long tradition by focusing on plant macrofossils. Nonetheless, the scientific committee seeks to promote an intra-disciplinary archaeobotanical research by including studies that effectively integrate macrobotanical methods with other lines of evidence. For example, we encourage the submission of abstracts for studies that take an ethnoarchaeological approach and lean on ethnobotany for the interpretation of the archaeobotanical record. Archaeobotany is today and has long been a foundational method in the archaeological sciences, and macrobotanical, as well as microbotanical analyses have proven to be an indispensable tool for the reconstruction of past landscapes and subsistence strategies. A broader scope and a greater integration between methods will allow for the acquisition of wider archaeobotanical knowledge.


- Archaeobotany and ethnobotany as explanatory tools in the archaeological record
- Origins and expansion of cultivated plants
- Landscape change and human transformation of ecosystems


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Abstract submission deadline
10 January 2022

Early registration deadline
31 March 2022


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