The Mesolithic in Britain: Landscape and Society in Times of Change / Chantal Conneller (2022) Nouvelles parutions hors SPF Human-Environment Dynamics in the Aeolian Islands during the Bronze Age: A paleodemographic model / Claudia Speciale (2021)

Europe's Early Fieldscapes: Archaeologies of Prehistoric Land Allotment / Stijn Arnoldussen, Robert Johnston & Mette Løvschal (2021)


Arnoldussen_et_al_2021 [néolithique / Protohistoire]
Stijn Arnoldussen, Robert Johnston & Mette Løvschal (2021) - Europe's Early Fieldscapes: Archaeologies of Prehistoric Land Allotment, Berlin, Springer, 229 p. EAN 9783030716516 / 9783030716523, 126,00 € / 96,00 €.

- Europe’s Early Land Allotment: Questions of Time, Scale and Stewardship / Mette Løvschal, Stijn Arnoldussen & Robert Johnston, pp. 1-12. - Enclosing and Dividing Land: The Neolithic and Bronze Age Field Systems of Shetland / Claire Christie, pp. 13-25. - Formation, Use and Chronology of Celtic Fields: New Perspectives from the Groningen Celtic Field Research Programme / Stijn Arnoldussen, pp. 27-41. - A Large-Area Prehistoric Cultural Landscape in the Sachsenwald Forest Near Hamburg / Volker Arnold, pp. 43-51. - A Sheep’s Eye View: Land Division, Livestock and People in Later Prehistoric Somerset, UK / Clare Randall, pp. 53-70. - Terraced Crop Fields in the Eastern Pyrenean Mountains (France): The View from Pedoarchaeology / Romana Harfouche & Pierre Poupet, pp. 71-86. - Fields and Farming-Systems in Bronze Age Scotland / Stratford Halliday, pp. 87-100. - Terraced Fields, Farming, and Farmers at the Settlements of Kalamianos and Stiri, Greece / Lynne A. Kvapil, pp. 101-114. - The Changing Fieldscapes of Loughcrew: New Insights from Airborne Lidar / Corinne Roughley, Elizabeth Shee Twohig, Colin A. Shell & Gillian Swanton, pp. 115-129. - My Home Is My Castle! Field Systems and Farms: Rhythm and Land Appropriation During the Bronze Age in North-West France (2300–800 BCE) / Cyril Marcigny & Rebecca Peake, pp. 131-141. - Tracing the Remains of a Late Bronze Age Field System in Central Mainland Greece / Michael F. Lane & Vassilis L. Aravantinos, pp. 143-165. - Reconstructing Enclosed and Parcelled Out Landscapes from the First Millennium BC in Himmerland, Denmark: Arable Fields, Grazing Land and Settlement Patterns Examined in Three Micro-regions / Michael Vinter, pp. 167-183. - Understanding the Chronologies of England’s Field Systems / Robert Johnston, Rowan May & David McOmish, pp. 185-207. - The Prehistoric Agrarian Management Pattern in the Volcanic Landscape of the Campanian Plain, Southern Italy / Fabio Saccoccio, pp. 209-224.

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