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Research period begins immediately.
University of Haifa - Zinman Institute of Archaeology - Use-wear analysis laboratory




A use-wear analysis specialist is required to study the aspect of use-wear on Late Epi-Paleolithic Natufian sickle blades from the southern Levant , which will also involve extensive cereal harvesting field experimentation.

The grant is given for one year of research, with a possible extension to a second year.
The applicant will be registered as a post-doc in the University of Haifa and will have to work at the laboratory in Israel for at least half of the research year.
 Applicants must have proved experience in use-wear analysis and proved experience in writing up research work for publication.


Applications must comprise a CV exhibiting the experience and work done in the field of use-wear analysis and experimental archaeology.


For further details and application submission, please contact Dr. Iris Groman-Yaroslavski at ; igromanya@staff.haifa.ac.il


Via Meir Orbach



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