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Genetics for archaeologists

Cours, enseignements, formations


17-19 may 2022
Faro - University of Algarve - ICArEHB



Beyond the recent development of paleogenetic, the progresses in genetics and molecular biology in the last 30 years have drastically changed biology and thus the way we can understand the evolution of hominids, of human, our migrations, sociology and epidemics. It also opens a whole new range of evidence about the domestication of species, the modification of the environment, the interaction with the microbiome… This course is design to familiarise archaeologists with the existing tools to incorporate them critically in their future research projects.



With this 3-days course, participants should be able to:

    Differentiate the technical steps: extraction, amplification, sequencing technologies, reconstruction, and comparisons.
    Understand the levels genetic-genomic-metagenomic, their advantages and requisites.
    Understand the different markers of genetic differentiation.
    Being critical and constructive of archaeogenetic studies.
    Ditinguish the different branches of genetics to identify where to find  more information.
    When preparing an archaeological project, evaluate the potential of different genetic analyses.
    Connect to experts in the field who can support future studies.


Training In Frontier Archaeology – TIFA
TIFAs were imagined because the interdisciplinary nature of archaeology creates, more than in other disciplines, a permanent need to acquire new skills and knowledge at all career stages. During these training events, the addressed topics can be theoretical or highly practical, for example, excavation techniques, sample analyses and data analyses, or even as a roundtable to disseminate knowledge on a particular subject. At some events, you can bring your own data or samples to work on to create working examples during the training event.


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