Simulating Transitions to Agriculture in Prehistory / Salvador Pardo Gordó & Sean Bergin (2021) Nouvelles parutions hors SPF Kozareva mogila : the Eneolithic necropolis (excavations 2005–2018) / Petya Georgieva, Veselin Danov, with contribution by, Victoria Russeva & Maria Gurova (2021)

Fossile directeur : Multiple perspectives on lithic studies in Central and Eastern Europe / Adrián Nemergut, Ivan Cheben & Katarzyna Pyżewicz (2021)


Nemergut_et_al_2021 [Libre accès / Paléolithique et Mésolithique]
Adrián Nemergut, Ivan Cheben & Katarzyna Pyżewicz (2021) - Fossile directeur : Multiple perspectives on lithic studies in Central and Eastern Europe, Nitra, Archeologického Ústavu - Slovenskej Akadémie Vied, 263 p. EAN ---, 0,00 €.

- Keep it or discard it? Why the Neanderthals made tools from some rocks / Magda Cieśla - Found in a box. Unknown bifacial leaf point from the Koziarnia Cave / Malgorzata Kot & Natalia Gryczewska - Szeletian or not Szeletian. Bifacial industries from three open-air Middle Palaeolithic sites from the Cserhát Mountains (Northern Hungary) / Krisztián Zandler, András Markó & Attila Péntek - What about the Szeletian leaf point as fossile directeur? / Zsolt Mester - First results of use-wear analysis of the leaf points from Moravany nad Váhom-Dlhá / Katarzyna Pyżewicz & Adrián Nemergut - Spišské Podhradie-Dreveník, an important Palaeolithic site of the Lower Spiš / Marián Soják & Maciej Wawrczak - Epiaurignacian industry with Sagaidak-Muralovka-type microliths industry in the south of Eastern Europe and Eastern Central Europe and its lithic artefact fossil types / Yury Eduardovitch Demidenko, Petr Škrdla, Joseba Ríos Garaizar, Jaroslav Bartík & Tereza Rychtaříková - Est-il possible d’identifier des groupes pavloviens sur le territoire d’actuelle Slovaquie? / Michaela Polanská - Aspects of hard tissue modifications. Three objects from the Gravettian at Dolní Věstonice II (Czech Republic) / Sandra Sázelová, Bibiána Hromadová, Angela Perri & Michaela Polanská - Fossiles directeurs variability in Late and Final stages of the Gravettian of Central Europe / Michaela Polanská, Martin Novák & Laurent Klaric - Can we identify any fossile directeur in the Epigravettian? / Zdeňka Nerudová - Analysis of chipped industry from the settlement of the Želiezovce group in Bajč / Ivan Cheben & Michal Cheben - Sinkers and composite fishing hooks in the Neolithic of Eastern Baltic. Slate artefacts from Berezovo 2 (Karelian Isthmus, North-West Russia) / Roman I. Muravev, Evgenia S. Tkach & Dmitriy V. Gerasimov - Raw material as fossile directeur? A case study of the use of Stránská skála-type chert / Jaroslav Bartík & Petr Škrdla - Use of obsidian in Slovak prehistory / Ľubomíra Kaminská - Chocolate flint outcrops in the Kraków-Częstochowa upland. State of knowledge on mining, use and distribution of the raw material and further research perspectives / Magdalena Sudoł-Procyk

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