Qatar: Evidence of the Palaeolithic Earliest People Revealed / Julie E. Scott-Jackson (2021) Actualités Fossile directeur : Multiple perspectives on lithic studies in Central and Eastern Europe / Adrián Nemergut, Ivan Cheben & Katarzyna Pyżewicz (2021)

Simulating Transitions to Agriculture in Prehistory / Salvador Pardo Gordó & Sean Bergin (2021)


Pardo_Gordo_&_Bergin_2021 [Néolithique]
Salvador Pardo Gordó & Sean Bergin (2021) - Simulating Transitions to Agriculture in Prehistory, Berlin, Springer, 260 p. EAN 9783030836429 / 9783030836436, 116,00 € / 93,00 €.

- An Introduction to Simulating Transitions to Agriculture in Prehistory / Sean Bergin & Salvador Pardo Gordó - The Spread of Agriculture: Quantitative Laws in Prehistory? / Joaquim Fort - The Essential Geography of the Impresso-Cardial Neolithic Spread / Sean Bergin - A Bayesian Chronomodel for an Economic Approach to the Onset of Farming in Northwestern Mediterranean and the Western Alpine Foreland / Héctor Martínez Grau & Ferran Antolín Tutusaus - Assessing Population Dynamics in the Spread of Agriculture in the Mediterranean Iberia Through Early Warning Signals Metrics / Oreto García Puchol, Agustín Diez Castillo, Salvador Pardo Gordó, Joan Bernabeu Aubán & Alfredo Cortell Nicolau - Cultural Hitchhiking in the Context of the First Agricultural Groups of South-Western Europe: A Simulation Study / Salvador Pardo Gordó - The Dynamics of Risk Perception in a Mediterranean Agroecosystem / Nicolas Gauthier - Early Neolithic Farming Activities in High Mountain Landscapes of the Pyrenees: Simulating Changes in Settlement Patterns / Ermengol Gassiot Ballbè, Guillem Salvador Baiges, Ignacio Clemente Conte, Sara Díaz Bonilla, David Garcia Casas, Niccolò Mazzucco, Laura Obea Gómez, Javier Rey Lanaspa & David Rodríguez Antón - Evaluating the Influence of Neolithic Agropastoral Land Use on Holocene Fire Regimes Through Simulated Sedimentary Charcoal Records / Grant Snitker - “Digital Proxies” for Validating Models of Past Socio-ecological Systems in the Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics Project / C. Michael Barton, Isaac I.T. Ullah, Nicolas Gauthier, Nari Miller, Grant Snitker, Irene Esteban Alamá, Joan Bernabeu Aubán & Arjun Heimsath - The Transition to Early Farming in Europe / Albert J. Ammerman

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