Hunter-Gatherer Ireland: Making Connections in an Island World / Graeme Warren (2022) Actualités Archaeology of the Ionian Sea  / Christina Souyoudzoglou-Haywood & Christina Papoulia (2021)

Dietary Practices of the First Mediterranean Farmers: Producing, Storing, Preparing and Consuming Foodstuffs in the Neolithic Period / Julien Vieugué & Niccolò Mazzucco (2021)


Vieugue_&_Mazzucco_2021 [Néolithique]
Julien Vieugué & Niccolò Mazzucco (2021) - Dietary Practices of the First Mediterranean Farmers: Producing, Storing, Preparing and Consuming Foodstuffs in the Neolithic Period, Turnhout, Brepols, 381 p. EAN 9782503592114, 163,00 €.

- Highlighting the Diversity of Food Practices in the First Mediterranean Farming Societies / Julien Vieugué & Niccolò Mazzucco - The Subsistence and Foodways Transition during the Neolithization Process. Glimpses from a Contextualized Dental Perspective / Fanny Bocquentin, Berenice Chamel, Marie Anton & Camille Noûs - An Inter-Regional Comparison of Animal Domestication in the Northern and Southern Levant / Lionel Gourichon & Liora Kolska Horwitz - Archaeology of Plant Foods. Methods and Challenges in the Identification of Plant Consumption during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic in Southwest Asia / Amaia Arranz Otaegui - Knapped Tools for Obtaining Food Resources in the Origins of Farming in the Near East / Fiona Pichon & Juan José Ibáñez - Exploring Food Practices among the First Agro-Pastoral Communities of the Southern Levant. The Ground Stone Tool Perspective / Laure Dubreuil & Nigel Goring-Morris - House and Hearth. The Social Setting of Food Preparation in the Western Anatolian and Southeastern European Neolithic / Elisha O. Van Den Bos - Animal Resources, Foodways and Cooking Practices during the Neolithic in the Western Mediterranean. An Integrated Archaeozoological Approach / Maria Saña Seguí, Vanessa Navarrete Belda & Eloísa Ferratges Kwekel - Archaeobotanical Evidence of Plant Food Consumption among Early Farmers (5700-4500 BC) in the Western Mediterranean Region / Ferran Antolín Tutusaus, Laurent Bouby, Lucie Martin, Mauro Rottoli & Ana Jesus - Stones that Made Food. A Lithic Viewpoint on Food Production Practices in the Early Mediterranean Neolithic / Niccolò Mazzucco - A Revolution in Food Preparation? Grinding and Pounding Plants in the First Farming Communities of Western Europe and the Mediterranean Region / Caroline Hamon - The Social Function of Cooking Structures during the Neolithic. A View from the Central Mediterranean / Cecilia Conati Barbaro - Afterword: Understanding the Neolithization Processes in the Mediterranean based on Food Traditions / Julien Vieugué & Niccolò Mazzucco

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