Colloque “Matériaux des patrimoines : documenter, comprendre et préserver” A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire La terre crue en contexte funéraire : Développements formels, typologiques et techniques à la Préhistoire récente

Houses and collective constructions: defining the habitat and social activities of Neolithic societies in Western Asia

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24-26 février 2022
Online Workshop / GRAMPO-SAPPO - Department of Prehistory - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona



The purpose is to better understand the use of space, as well as the architecture of inhabited spaces during the Neolithisation process, that is, from Early Pre-Pottery Neolithic to Late Neolithic (10000 BC to 5500 BC) from the Levant region to the Zagros.


- Interdisciplinary studies focused on the architecture from different perspectives (technological, morpho-typological, functional) to get closer to the construction techniques and/or functionalities of the different types of structures to compare them, observe continuities and ruptures in transitional periods, etc.
- Research based on the material record to characterize household activities and their social and economic implications within the community
- Houses: origin, development, monumentalization and symbolism
- Present new data from recent fieldwork developed in the last years
- Spatial analyses trying to illustrate different patterns in order to reflect how space is structured


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