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Landscape Archaeology Conference -  7th edition

Congrès, colloques, réunions - Appel à contributions / Call for papers


10-15 September 2022
Iași (Romania) / Online


Call for Abstracts
15 February 2022 – 29 April 2022





The 7th edition of the Landscape Archaeology Conference is the first edition to take place in Eastern Europe. Starting from this realisation and the fact that landscape archaeology is a discipline that naturally glides through dogmatic disciplinary boundaries, we have decided that the word that would best describe our meeting in Iasi would be togetherness.


Around this word we have gathered other seven that define the six themes of the conference.

- Responsibility. Identifying and assessing anthropic pressure on built and natural landscapes
- Defragmentation. Thinking together about humans, time, and landscapes in a postcolonial world
- Integration. The peopled earth – interrelationship of human and natural systems
- Sensitivity. Landscapes as embodied experiences
- Explanation and Comprehension. Modelling landscapes from quantifiable attributes to cultural constructs
- Cooperation. Theoretical and technological multidisciplinary approaches to the reconstruction of past landscapes


20 sessions
- Landscape Archaeology in the Near East
- So far, So-so: Harnessing the potentials of GIS and Remote Sensing applications in African archaeological research
- The long-term perspective on sustainable landscapes
- People and their Scapes: Dialogues from the Global South and beyond the Borders
- The past, present and future of earthworks: towards an integrated approach
- How does the Waterscape influence, affect and infer the human community’s development, evolution, vulnerabilities, and resilience over time?
- Human-Earth interaction from the Quaternary to the Anthropocene: natural, social and cultural processes affecting landscapes
- Environment pressure and earthen architecture: mudbricks as a research tool to understand landscapes and historical dynamics
- Perspectives through palaeoscience for future environmental sustainability in Europe
- Photography and Landscape Archaeology
- Long-term dynamics of human-environment interaction:  The case of prehistoric multi-layered settlements
- Roaming through open landscapes: Late Pleistocene hunter-gatherer adaptations in Central and Eastern Europe
- Modeling the landscape.  From prediction to postdiction
- High-resolution digital elevation models, GIS and remote sensing in support of landscape archaeology reconstruction, dynamics and management
- Bioarchaeology exploring the interrelationship of human and natural systems
- Landscapes as living archives: “multi-proxy” approaches to profiling socio-ecological changes over time and across space
- Affective landscape and rational identities: sensory approaches in landscape archaeology
- Geophysical perspectives for reconstructing past environments – communicating the potential of multi-disciplinary synergy among prospection methods, laboratory analyses and modeling
- Reflections on the new models of economic exploitation of the territory and their impact on landscapes, and proposals of management from an archaeological perspective
- Waterscape archaeology: multi-scalar human – environment interactions in coastal lagoons


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